Rear View Mirror Repairs & Replacements

Replace false distance mirrors

Want to swap your new car’s convex mirrors over for flat, true distance mirrors? Tired of cutting people off in traffic or not being able to accurately judge distances whilst towing?

Since Australia lifted restrictions in 2009, which meant that all cars must have flat mirrors (apart from a handful of European models) on the driver’s side, many new car buyers are finding that their cars now have convex mirrors despite most people preferring the flat mirrors they were used to.

A question many customers ask us is whether flat mirrors are legal or if installing them will void their insurance. indeed, prior to the 2009 lifting of restrictions on having convex mirrors, a big part of our business was supplying and fitting flat mirrors for all auto importers across Australia, in order to meet compliance standards. Therefore, not only are our mirrors legal, but up until 2009, it was forbidden not to use them. Although many manufacturers now choose to deliver vehicles with convex mirrors, it is entirely up to you as to which mirror your prefer for your vehicle.

Many people also wonder whether their new mirrors will look like new. As with all our installations, we fit the glass underneath the backing plate professionally so that it looks like it did when it came off the showroom floor, only with flat mirrors. Don’t settle for any mirrors simply stuck on top or that do not look like they did originally.






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